One of My custom masks
Dedicated to My sons. xx

Women of Discipline Studios was created via the mindset to provide a pleasant, safe, and clean environment for ladies, gentlemen, and couples to explore consensual Dominance and submission performances and photography exploration. IT IS NOT A COMMERCIAL HIGH TRAFFIC 'HOUSE'. IT IS MY PERSONAL SPACE OPEN TO THOSE I INVITE AND DEEM FIT. There is no clockwatching, herding, or rushing during your visit.

The Dungeon

I have the finest  BDSM equipment, accessories, leather, and fetish clothing to cater to many different scenarios and backdrops. I accept nothing but the best. Some craftsmen include: Whips by Joe Wheeler, Jeanette Hartwood, Rod Williams, and Sarah Lashes; and many more hard to find/custom pieces. Please ask Me for any particular needs you may require before your visit. 
For your safety and 'comfort', every visiting and house Member is CPR and General First Aid Certified (including Moi of course) in the State of Pennsylvania and/or the state in which they reside.

Dungeon Throne

I accept courteous visitors from novice to seasoned and questions and concerns are always welcome. Your confidentiality is assured to the best of My ability.
The Women I choose to be available at the studio have at least 5 years *minimum* in professional experience. I only accept the finest Ladies from across the country to join Me in play, so if experience and quality is what you've been missing, you've found the right place.

My Tools

Tips on Visiting an Established Dominatrix...


I am very flexible with appointment times because I only accept one day in advance appointments ONLY. Whether your visit has to be morning, noon, or late night, the earlier you make contact, the easier your schedule can be accomodated. For those with special medical and/or physical needs, please contact the HeadMistress with concerns before arrival. Visits are available at least one day in advance ONLY. My locale is approximately 20 minutes from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre International Airport, and about 15 minutes from the Montage Ski and Tourist Area. Door to door transporation to and from the airport and/or hotels is available with advanced preparation. If you are visiting the area, a list of suitable lodging as well as attraction information is available upon request from My private concierge.


  • Be courteous when calling for your appointment.
  • Ask questions of the Mistress when necessary.
  • Make note of your appointment time and day and confirmation time. Call to confirm your appointment on the exact time agreed upon.
  • If you have to cancel your appointment for ANY reason, do so immediately. NOT doing so will result in NO appointments possible with Me in the future.
  • If you are going to be late to your appointment for ANY reason, call.
  • Show up to your appointment on time, (NOT early or late).
  • Be freshly showered, well groomed, and have followed any other instructions given earlier if necessary.
  • A personal consultation is necessary for all new visitors. Answer questions to the best of your ability. Bring written lists, stories, or tasteful photos to help explain your interests if your nerves are a factor.
  • If you want sex, call an escort, DO NOT CALL Me.
  • Identification MAY be required of you as well as a signed waiver stating activities are consensual and your proof of age. Bring photo ID with you. (NO copy of it is kept, it's to look at by the Mistress if necessary) I am about mutual respect and trust. What happens in My dungeon, stays in My dungeon.


This 're-up' and reminder is a spit overdue. 

There are some things I would like to make VERY clear.

-I am real.  I am an Alpha Female who truly practices what I believe in both personally and professionally.  I have been for 17+ years. Full-time.

This means, when contacting Me with a visit inquiry... One thing that is LACKING in this society are manners. Please, thank you, may I, etc.  I don't know where/how those who DON'T have manners were raised, but *I* was raised with them. I am a Southern LADY. I do realize some of this is based on ignorance as well, but this can be overcome.  Strive to make yourself  BETTER.  A better example.  A better husband, son, father, employee, partner, etc....  This is part of My philosophy. My discipline.

-Ridicule/detest Me if you must, but it only shows YOUR lack in ability to contemplate and persue YOUR own needs and wants, as it wastes YOUR time and energy.  I will continue on, and you will fall behind, get weak, and eventually mentally dissolve. (if not there already) I will not change. I am thrilled with being Me. I am not looking for acceptence, but mutual human respect. You don't have to like what I pursue, but last time I checked (although this can be disputed) we have the freedom to choose for ourselves as consenting adults. MY twist: 'He who cast the first stone in judgement and vain, will most likely get clocked upside the head with it later.'

-I am NOT perfect.  I do not demand respect, I command it, because I've taken My licks and earned it. I continue to improve and learn every day.  Thanks to My son and My father.  They are the 'music in Me.'

-I DON'T have time for bullshit time-wasters. This is NOT a cakewalk hobby. It's not all glamour and glitz.  It's sometimes assholes, stalkers, death threats, energy vampires, needy people, sleepless nights from long sessions....(but still looking fabulous at the end..) long photo shoots, red eye travel, Liz Taylor facials (I can explain that if necessary) and all around unselfishness....and you folks thought it's all about Moi...it's all about it ALL.

-RESPECT MY TIME and preparation....call if you wll be late or need to cancel. Follow instructions. Ask tasteful questions when necessary. Don't bullshit Me, as I will figure it out quite quickly and dismiss you swiftly. Forever.

-My word is LAW.  If you do not want to comply with how I run My World, by all means, walk away. I will NOT be convinced, wooed, changed, etc.... YOU are wasting your time.

-DO NOT TEST ME...with non-consensual 'power plays' or remarks  like 'I dare you', or sarcastic and purposeful insubordination.  This is a BAD idea.  I will win, and YOU will cower and most likely end up pleading for Mercy.  (and I don't mean because of physical repercussions, I mean by psychological prowess.)  I know My trade VERY well.  I am superior to YOU in that way.

-If this lifestyle and/or part time experience IS something you want to explore.  Congratulations.  You've taken the first step.  Do so with an open heart, open mind, maturity, and the willingness to let go for a while. It will only make your experience BETTER and enhance your life in a positive manner.




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